The light from above

Le lampade top-lighting C-LED offrono vantaggi unici per sostituire le convenzionali tecnologie di illuminazione per le serre (HPS) con sistemi efficaci da un punto di vista agronomico ed energetico.

Our top-lighting lamps produce less heat than conventional HPS ones (with differences of up to 30°C), allowing for in-greenhouse climate control according to the specific crops being grown: this lets growers position the lamps closer to the plants, thereby maximizing their absorption of light energy.

Long-lasting lamps (average lifespan in excess of 50,000 hours) and low maintenance requirements, together with outstanding production results, allow us to offer a product which, from the farmer’s viewpoint, will pay for itself sooner.

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Why choose it

Customisation of light quality

To meet production needs.

Plug and Play

Easy installation and adaptability to any kind of greenhouse.

Slim design

Studied to facilitate the passage of sunlight.

Lower energy consuption

Compared to conventional top-lightings lamps.

Long-lasting lamps

Low maintenance costs.

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