INDOOR FARMING. The right light makes the difference. C-LED LED Lights.


Recent years have seen major innovations in the micropropagation lighting sector. The light provided by C-LED optimises vegetable tissue development at every stage, producing strong, healthy plants that can be safely transplanted to greenhouses or fields.


C-LED develops specific lamps for growing in vertical farming, indoors, in multi-layered growing contexts, or in vertical structures.
Usually these are contexts without the intervention of natural light – to optimize effective growth in the various breeding phases – which are currently often tested effectively in academic environments.


This is a technique for the production of high-quality horticultural plants in which the root portion of one plant is joined to the aerial part of another, more productive or high-quality plant of the same variety (e.g. melon with melon). Thanks to C-LED lamps, maximum grafting success can be achieved in a complex environment.


Accurately dosed, intensity and spectra-adjusted LED lighting can accentuate aromas with respect to adult plants of the same species.