INDOOR FARMING. The right light makes the difference. C-LED LED Lights.


Recent years have seen major innovations in the micropropagation lighting sector. The light provided by C-LED optimises vegetable tissue development at every stage, producing strong, healthy plants that can be safely transplanted to greenhouses or fields.


C-LED sviluppa lampade specifiche per la coltivazione in vertical farming, indoor, in contesti di coltivazione a più strati, o in strutture verticali.
Solitamente si tratta di contesti privi dell’intervento della luce naturale – per ottimizzare una crescita efficace nelle diverse fasi di allevamento – che sono attualmente spesso testati con efficacia in ambienti accademici.


Accurately dosed, intensity and spectra-adjusted LED lighting can accentuate aromas with respect to adult plants of the same species.

In-store Grow Unit by C-LED and Cefla Shopfitting for indoor growing

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