Profarms: cutting-edge vertical cultivation with C-Led LED lighting

The Context

Profarms is based in San Paolo, near Bolzano, in Northern Italy; it was founded by two enterprising young men, Ulrich Kager and Patrick Sanin.

Their goal is to offer cutting-edge and sustainable vertical farming, allowing for conservation of resources by minimising water and soil consumption, and promoting zero miles agricultural production.

The system that they have developed has been designed to be easily replicable anywhere in the world and to allow microgreens to be grown all year round.

Light, a key element

For plants to grow on Profarms’ vertical farm, latest-generation LED lamps with Natural indoor PAR full spectrum were installed.

Their spectrum has been specifically studied in collaboration with primary research centres in Italy to be able to grow healthy microgreens with remarkable nutraceutical properties.

Thanks to their beneficial properties and high vitamin content, microgreens are viewed as the superfood of the future and can be used to enhance the taste of many dishes.