Product customisation is our strength.

We design and produce customised LED modules to meet our customers’ requirements, ensuring great technical expertise and high quality standards: we can customise sizes, shapes, colour temperature, colour rendering, etc., to optimise performance based on the actual needs.

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Our assembly lines allow us to::

  • Reach a production capacity of up to 120,000 components/hour
  • Cutting-edge SMD lines
  • Produce non-standard modules, up to dimensions of 1,440 x 410 mm/li>

Our investment in new technologies allows us to reach production capacity figures shared by very few companies in Europe.

We supply a complete service to our customers, guaranteeing:

  • Module control
  • Support in finished lamp creation
  • Supply timeframe management

C-LED has a product portfolio of over 1000 LED module models – able to respond to the main market demand trends. In addition to standard modules, we can supply CUSTOMISED modules, personalising dimensions and geometry, colour temperature and colour rendering to optimise performance based on actual customer needs.


Rectangular led modules

Circular led modules