The use of LED lamps in the microgreens and micropropagation sector is an innovation that offers numerous benefits over conventional NEON lamps.
Tests conducted by C-Led in collaboration with university research institutes have enabled us to develop a lamp specifically for micropropagation, to offer a high-performance solution for a wide variety of plants.

  • The greater energy-savings with Slim lamps allow a direct reduction of economic losses as well as shorter switch-on and switch-off times.
  • The size and the weight of the lamps, reduced to a minimum, together with their lower heat emission, allows us to keep the Slim lamps at a closer distance in the plant factory or other similar seedling cultivation systems, improving their photosynthetic efficiency and reducing consumptions.
  • The spectrum of light emitted by the C-Led lamps has been specially designed to ensure harmonious development and better overall health of the plant.

All these aspects facilitate the optimization of environment management and production yields.

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