The right lighting at the right time

The Dim to Warm system is a control technology that reduces the colour temperature of a luminaire when it is dimmed, allowing for homogeneous regulation of the warm white light, from 3000K to 1800K.

With the Dim to Warm system, the colour temperature becomes warmer as it fades, creating a comfortable environment thanks to the reproduction of the dimming effect of old incandescent lamps, but with advanced performance and more flexibility.

Application sectors

La serie lampade CIRCULAR, in tutta la gamma di temperatura ecolore e CRI (led Bianchi), puรฒ trovare applicazione nel settore dell'illuminazione sia per interni (scaffali , mobili, vetrinette frigo, postazioni di lavoro, macchine automatiche, ecc.), che per esterni.

General lighting


Moreover, Dim to Warm offers an exceptionally uniform colour rendering (CRI 83+), ensuring true-tolife colours even when the luminaires are dimmed.

The Dim to Warm system uses a predefined attenuation curve to simulate the natural dimming of an incandescent lamp.

This technology does not require any additional planning and allows the use of standard potentiometers already existing in the lighting system. Alternatively, DALI controls can be used to achieve sophisticated and natural dimming effects.

Why choose it

Outsanding versatility

System customisable according to customer needs

Effective and practical

Creation of automatic scenarios and pre-sets


Control options via a pre-existing potentiometer or DALI BUS


Also available for linear luminaires with high luminous flux