Prodotti Evoluti. Efficaci. Personalizzabili.

Discover LConnect, the solution from C-LED that combines lighting and connectivity for the refrigerated food sector.

The design and production of electronic technologies for lighting and wireless connectivity
We operate in the field of lightronics, we are specialised in designing LED modules and LED bars. We develop technologies which use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) by means of iBeacon, in order to geolocalise people within an indoor area and to send personalised messages.

Food retail

In the food retail sector, it’s becoming ever more important to enhance products with the correct lighting.
Here at C-LED we design and produce a range of LED products that have been developed specifically for refrigerated displays and display cabinets.

We Guarantee
– versatile configuration
– development of personalised solutions specifically for our clients
– retrofitting of existing products with certified bars
– integrated mobile connectivity for monitoring refrigerator parameters

LConnect is an intelligent LED lighting bar patented by C-LED, which integrates digital sensors that have the ability to monitor the temperature values of a refrigerator as well as its frequency of use by keeping a count of the number of times the door is opened. LConnect also makes it possible to connect with the users’ smartphones by means of iBeacon technology and proximity marketing.

Wireless connectivity

-BLE connectivity
-Refrigerator parameter monitoring (temperature, humidity, etc)
-Monitoring of product use (opening/closing, etc)
-Personalisation (mechanical dimensions, parameters, etc)
-Proximity marketing


C-LED designs and produces iBeacons, programmable devices powered at low tension or with a simple battery when total autonomy is required.

Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology was developed for the smart LED lighting sector and makes direct commanding possible from a smartphone or tablet, etc in order to obtain optimum lighting and encourage a slight yet immediate energy saving.


Strongly oriented towards innovation and development of LED technology, C-LED offers products for the public lighting, visual merchandising and interior design industries.
Where we excel: we have a strict quality control policy, an ability to fulfil customisation requests and short order-to-delivery times.

Founded as a spin-off of Elca Technologies, a Cefla Group company specialising in electronic systems for industrial automation, medical devices and lighting, C-LED brings with it all the expertise it has developed over the years and boasts a brand new state-of-the-art production line.

We aim to become a leading producer of innovative LED technologies and solutions for every need, benefiting our partners and improving the experience of people in every context.


The choice of correct lighting for colour and consistency in retail is a determining factor in order to ensure the high-impact presentation of products and enhance their visual characteristics.

LED technology provides multiple advantages for the field of food lighting
– the absence of infra-red and ultra-violet radiation
– a wide variety of colours, shapes and dimensions.

The characteristic energy efficiency of LEDs and their minimal emission of heat guarantee maximum efficiency – particularly when used in the sector of refrigerated food.