Cefla Shopfitting and C – LED, an “excellent haul” at Euroshop 2017

As the German fair comes to its end, it’s time to take stock of how things went. Customers, for example, were won over by the global partner/retail designer approach. Keen interest was shown
in numerous innovations, especially Growing, proximity marketing, technologies integrated into the display structures and solutions that integrate illumination, sensors and remote control to make lighting ever-more intelligent..

IMOLA, 2017, 24th March. Great feedback for Cefla Shopfitting at Euroshop 2017, the key trade fair event held in Düsseldorf that came to a close just a few days ago. Cefla was there to showcase its capabilities as a sole provider, catering to every possible customer requirement starting from retail design and the creation of customised formats. Andrea Ventura, managing director of Cefla Shopfitting, sums up this key event for the industry: “This edition of Euroshop was extremely positive in terms of both attendance and effectiveness of communication – a factor that’s essential to us. We were there to tell everyone about a big change: Cefla is now the industry’s global partner for both food and non – food, equipped with retail design solutions and technologies that can be integrated into the displays. Long – standing customers have shown widespread appreciation of this approach. Many potential customers have already become prospects, requesting estimates for the application of innovative solutions seen at our stand”..

Numerous new products were exhibited by Cefla Shopfitting at this edition of Euroshop, with cash management systems (two versions were presented) arousing considerable interest. The first, integrated in a dual checkout island, provides a single cash management system serving both cashiers, with evident advantages in terms of investment outlay. The second, a stand – alone version, lets customers “shop and go” thanks to a multifunction totem (RFID protocol) that can be used as a self-checkout, self-pay or order and collect gate (on-line product order with collection at retail outlet). Growing and Proximity Marketing – applied on smartphones or Datalogic devices such as the new ‘Joya Touch’ – also attracted plenty of attention. Visitors were also eager to find out more about digital displays and the delayed – action video mirror, which lets customers see how clothes fit them from behind..

Growing (i.e. the cultivation of plants and indoor fruit/vegetables in a protected environment) also generated plenty of interest, especially from OLSRT.
The Growing solutions on show – including those for retail outlets – were developed by C-LED.
This Cefla Business Unit was present at Euroshop with its own stand, where it displayed cutting – edge solutions for visual merchandising and product lighting in large – scale retail outlets.

C-LED also generated an impressive number of contacts at Euroshop: contacts that, even during the fair itself, have already been transformed into sound opportunities. “Euroshop”, explains Alessandro Pasini, Cefla’s Innovation & Business Development director, “offered C-LED its first international showcase in which to display technologies developed over the last 12 months.
We sought to present the innovative solutions that might allow C-LED to stand out and position tself as a true technological partner. Keen interest was shown in the solutions that integrate illumination, sensors, iBeacons and remote control to make the lighting ever – more intelligent. More specifically, in addition to the solutions presented at the Cefla Shopfitting stand, two new patent – covered product concepts were presented. The first consists of a LED bar that lets users monitor refrigerator status/utilisation in the cloud while the second is a lighting system able to change the type of emitted light, from warm white to cold white, via a special mobile app that uses the standard iBeacon bluetooth protocol”.

Cefla Shopfitting
is a leading manufacturer of shelving, checkouts, and shopping trolleys and provider of display unit design and proximity marketing sol utions. It’s an ideal partner for interpreting and anticipating market trends in the small and large – scale retail trade thanks to continuous research and a combination of innovation, the highest quality, ergonomics, practicality and technology.

is a Cefla company specialised in the design and production of personalised lighting solutions made to respond to client requirements. C-LED principally addresses businesses that operate in the field of retail and visual merchandising, interior design, public lighting, growing and industry. The company also develops systems governed by proximity sensors and environmental sensors for interactive communications (proximity marketing) and for efficient energy management of indoor spaces.

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C-LED is a Cefla company specialising in the design and production of electronic applications and personalised lighting solutions that respond to customer requirements.

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