Grafting is a technique used to produce high-quality horticultural plants.

It starts with the root portion of one plant, which is normally resistant to abiotic diseases (increased stress or water deficiency). This is joined through human-induced healing to the aerial portion of another plant that is more productive or of higher quality.

Obviously, the plants must be of the same variety, for example tomatoes with tomatoes, melons with melons, etc.

We have been developing a number of research projects in this field for over two years, together with Davì Plant, one of our partners. Davì is a benchmark company in Italy and we launched a research project with them to identify the ideal light spectrum and intensity. A new phytotron was inaugurated in January 2019, composed of three areas containing carts illuminated with COOL WHITE spectrum C-LED lamps and suitable diffusion for the grafted plants. The process takes less than two weeks and, thanks to the C-LED lamps, we were able to achieve maximum grafting success in an environment that is very complex for electronic components, as it is saturated with moisture.

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