The Context

Based in Quarrata, near Pistoia, EDO Radici Felici is a technologically advanced company active in the field of vegetable crop growing according to the AIRFLOATING technique, a closed-loop aeroponic system patented by the company for soil-free, exposed-root crop growing.

EDO’s goal is to increase production efficiency by promoting sustainable agriculture, limiting the use of non-renewable resources and waste.

Aeroponic growing

It is an indoor, soilless growing system. The plants are placed in special systems consisting of mesh pots, water-based nutrient solutions with mineral fertilisers and air pumps, used to atomise the liquid solution.

This growing technique avoids the use of chemicals and allows plants to be grown with high nutraceutical properties and with a nitrate content even lower than the minimum legal threshold.

Lighting for Airfloating

Top Light Plus 150W lamps were installed in the EDO Radici Felici facility, with spectra specially designed for vegetable crop growing.

After the germination phase, proper lighting of the plants is vitally important for shoots to grow and then bloom. Our C-Led specialists have supported this customer by studying and proposing a lighting system designed to maximise performance.