“Our light grows the future” at Expo 2020 Dubai

1st October sees the opening of EXPO 2020 Dubai, the World Exhibition set to take place in the United Arab Emirates until 31st March 2022.

C-LED will be taking part in this key international event as a qualified supplier of TOLO Green S.r.l., a leading Italian innovator in the field of organic microalgae production.

TOLO Green S.r.l. is installing a plant consisting of 5 ‘water mirror’ cultivation tanks. These will perform microalgae-based purification of a part of the stale air in the closed “Belvedere” exhibit in the Italian pavilion.

The air – rich in carbon dioxide on account of the many visitors to the area – will undergo purification before being naturally recycled back into the same environment in the form of oxygen.

Giving “life” to the algae will be the photosynthesizing lamps by C-Led.

At EXPO 2020 Dubai, in fact, the 5 tanks will house COMBO lamps that emit a spectrum specifically designed for the cultivation of microalgae.

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