Marché Nomade, trend-setting floriculture embraces plant-respecting light

Nomad Market” is the original name chosen by Anna to encapsulate her “green design poetry” concept: for her, nature’s ingredients are like the notes on a music sheet, expressing their harmony through her sensitivity and creativity.

So, yes, it’s a market, but also a “nomad” market because enrichment and blending need nourishing with cultural cross-contamination. Nomadic journeying is a life experience with plenty of life left in it yet, one capable of giving us the impetus to develop new lifestyles. Town squares, if you think about it, are places where people meet up and trade. And what is design, if not the synthesis of a lifestyle?

If you’re passing through Via Montegrappa in Bologna, you can’t fail to notice this delightful shop with its explosively eye-catching green wall!

And it’s right here, where care meets culture and a blend of ideas, that Marché Nomade has selected C-LED to provide a light that respects, nourishes and protects plants.

Featuring ivy and pothos, the selected Lucifero’s lighting solution incorporates our MyLight dynamic white technology (i.e. light that varies in intensity and colour temperature from 6500 to 2700 °k during the day as per circadian, that is, daylight, cycles). We also provided the light management software, created by our R&D team. Transforming a shop, office, living room or entranceway into a harmoniously natural environment to be enjoyed and experienced every single day is now perfectly feasible. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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C-LED is a Cefla company specialising in the design and production of electronic applications and personalised lighting solutions that respond to customer requirements.

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