Innovation: LED for flower growing

What is your agronomic aim for floriculture?

Greater stem diameter and length, the right degree of flower maturation, a greater number of open flowers per inflorescence, earlier harvesting?

Each plant and each market has different needs (which are sometimes conflicting) and the C-LED experts provide customized solutions to meet various agronomic goals.

EThere is such a variety of flowers and ornamental plants on the market, and with such differences between them, that a floriculture greenhouse, depending on the species grown, will necessarily pursue different agronomic aims: a good stem diameter and minimum length, early and more uniform flowering, greater compactness of the flowers in the vase, a bud of good size and sufficient colouring, and others.

Supporting the growth of an ornamental variety, therefore, will have a very different meaning depending on whether it is a rose, a chrysanthemum or even a geranium because, biology aside, some flowers are more appreciated with long stalks and others with short stalks, or in small bunches for flower beds.

The influence of light plays a very important role for modifying plant morphology, both in terms of the amount of light (chrysanthemums are permitted to have fewer open flowers per inflorescence in the winter due to the limitation of this parameter) and the quality of the light.
The C-LED experts, being involved in the development of LED lamps to achieve the best results in agronomic greenhouses, enable accurate planning of the right overall quantity of light to bring to the environment, as well as dosing of the different light spectra (red light and blue light) according to the physiology of the plant, productio

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C-LED is a Cefla company specialising in the design and production of electronic applications and personalised lighting solutions that respond to customer requirements.

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