How to sanitise indoor environments safely. Interview with Mirco Berti, C-Led Srl Director.

C-Led’s industry-specific expertise in the field of UV technology has led to the creation of PURE – a device for air sanitation and purification in indoor environments.

Mirco why did you decide to study this type of device?

Since 2020, with the onset of the pandemic, we had decided to build on our previous experience in the field of UV technology to develop a product that could respond to the increasing sanitation requirements in the environments we live in every day.

Thanks to continuous improvement, we have also been granted the certification of PURE’s effectiveness against the Sars-Cov-2 virus by a certified laboratory. After 30 minutes, the viral load is reduced by 99.998%.

What are the differences between your technology and that of other competitors?

Our device uses UV-A LED technology and photocatalysis.

Compared to technologies such as ozone or mercury lamps, which we hear so much about, UV-A LEDs are totally safe and PURE can therefore also be used safely in the presence of humans and animals.

With ozone and mercury devices, on the other hand, a more careful approach is recommended as they contain chemical substances that are harmful to health.

In addition, UV LEDs guarantee a longer life and better energy efficiency than devices based on mercury lamps.

Finally, another important plus is the fact that PURE does not contain filters that need to be replaced regularly and is therefore maintenance-free.

Beside its effectiveness against the Sars-Cov-2 virus, what are its other uses?

PURE is effective in removing organic contaminants, bad odours (e.g. from pets), fumes, viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. Some of its most common applications are in waiting rooms, offices, schools, lifts, homes… wherever several people spend time together.

We developed it as a device capable of making indoor environments healthier and safer.

What are the latest features that you are planning to add to this product?

Two new versions will be available shortly.

The first will be battery-powered, with a USB-C charging cable, which will allow the device to be used without having to plug it into a power source. The second version is a smart version, which will come with an App to monitor some environmental parameters in real time, such as air quality and the presence of CO2, and to adjust the speed of the fans.

Sanitation, especially indoors, has become a very important issue in recent years. The C-Led device is an innovative solution, suitable for all use conditions because it is totally safe and does not require any maintenance. A great way to feel safer in our everyday life.

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