C-LED and Urbinati cooperate in an experimental test to counter the effects of a common physiopathology

The Cortenuova di Casalmaggiore farm, with a greenhouse measuring 95 x 20 metres, specialises in tomatoes, chicory and onion growing.

C-Led and Urbinati are conducting experimental tests to counter the effects of a common physiopathology that mainly affects the stem of the plant. The problem is largely due to a combination of adverse environmental conditions such as:

  • climate
  • poor or excessive nutrient levels
  • incorrect use of pesticides or herbicides
  • altered atmospheric gas ratios
  • physical plant damage caused by weather events

Since the exact cause of the disease is unclear, the farm has asked to work with C-Led and Urbinati to test whether use of LEDs may help prevent the onset of the problem.

The experimental test consists of installing 150 W C-LED toplight lamps, connected in series, with a specifically designed spectrum; these are positioned over a 10 m span on irrigation bars supplied by Urbani, a leading producer of automatic horticulture and nursery systems.

The bars are passed over the plants at regular intervals to irradiate tomato plants with LED light, evenly and constantly.

The main goal of the test is to stimulate plant transpiration, thus reducing humidity in the base sections of the collar and aiding the flow of water and nutrients into the plant tissues.

The main expected results are a reduction in the percentage of physiopathology onset and healthier, more robust, compact plants.

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