LED Lighting for Phytotrons and Growth Chambers

Optimise the growing conditions in your growth chambers with our advanced LED systems, designed to simulate the natural environment.

Why are our LEDs the best choice for phytotrons and growth chambers?

C-Led's LED solutions are designed to provide optimal light that faithfully reproduces the light spectrum of the sun, enabling the creation of a natural-like growth environment within phytotrons and growth chambers. It will be possible to precisely control light intensity and photoperiod duration according to the needs of the different crops and experiments being performed.
Our LEDs ensure an even distribution of light and heat so that they are not aggressive on plants. Another advantage of LED lighting is its energy efficiency, which avoids waste and additional operating costs.
Thanks to their versatility and reliability, our LED solutions for phytotrons and growth chambers are suitable for a wide range of crops and applications, both scientific and commercial.


Simulation of various environments

LEDs can simulate different daylight conditions.

Scientific precision

Important for research and development in a controlled environment.

Energy saving

Lower energy and maintenance costs.