The background

GREATIT, a company based in Rezzato, near Brescia, is the winning idea of Daniele Bertocchi, a young agronomist with an entrepreneurial spirit.

“We created GREATIT to ensure access to wholesome and sustainable food from farm to fork.”

Daniele partnered two leading container manufacturers to perfect DEMETRA. This complete growing system placed inside a container can be adapted and customised to suit client requirements. It offers the opportunity to produce a wide variety of products in any part of the world.

An innovative Vertical Farm

The solution proposed is a hydroponic farming system developed with state-of-the-art technologies. It is entirely Made in Italy.

DEMETRA offers several benefits for growing:

  • SUSTAINABILITY: low consumption of energy and water
  • EASY INSTALLATION: a plug&play system designed to start production soon after installation
  • EASY ACCESS: studied to be affordable even for young farmers who have limited financial resources
  • TECHNOLOGY: the system makes use of top of the line Italian technologies, including LED lamps by C-Led, which ensure high energy efficiency.

Futura Led lamps

The ultimate Futura LED lamps are installed in DEMETRA. They are ideal for indoor growing with a vertical farming system.

The complete PAR spectrum allows to obtain the highest harvest yield both in terms of quantity and quality. Furthermore, spectrum width and luminous flux control (dimmability) make Futura lamps the ideal solution to grow any type of vegetable, spanning microgreens and herbs.

Hence, they are the perfect choice for DEMETRA, allowing to offer tailored solutions to suit client requirements.