The Context

Anubias, located in Villanova di Castenaso (BO, Italy), cultivates a cannabis variety with low THC content using a hydroponic, soiless growing technique. This variety is somewhat less vigorous than its Cannabis sativa counterpart. It also differs from the latter as production focuses on the extraction of female flowers as opposed to the collection of vegetable material for textile use.

Like many officinal plants, this variety is compact and can be closely planted: this characteristic causes the plant to channel large amounts of energy into the synthesis of secondary compounds, useful for the production of marketable vegetable material. C-LED lamps incorporate a specific technology – in terms of both light distribution/intensity and light spectrum – that maximises the quantity and quality of the harvest.

Alessandro Pasini, Managing Director of C-LED, explains how 'thanks to an ever-more skilled team with extensive experience that includes the establishment of Italy's first high-tech tomato greenhouse facility, C-LED is now a project solutions provider that is also making a name for itself in the cultivation of Cannabis with artificially enhanced light'.

The C-LED project for OK Weed greenhouses

C-LED lighting, instead, ensures bright, homogeneous lighting even on the plant tops via its Toplight lamps (image 2). As Mattia Accorsi, university researcher and C-LED project manager, points out, this second light technology features 'a light 'recipe' that complements our Interlight lamps and lets users keep the vegetative habitus of the plant compact while controlling the vegetative and flowering phases of Cannabis perfectly'.

'OK Weed greenhouses', states Silvia Castaldini, CEO of OK Weed, a line produced by Anubias, 'are illuminated entirely by C-LED lamps featuring ultra-high quality LED technology, all manufactured in Italy and specially designed for Cannabis sativa cultivation.

Use of photovoltaic panels ensures the greenhouse self-produces 200 kW of electricity: this is used for the heating, fertilization and CO² systems. Our greenhousegrown plants are cultivated using 100% natural methods and are picked and hand-treated throughout the growing cycle. This ensures infl orescence is free from any heavy metals, chemical pesticides or other harmful substances that commonly affect open-fi eld crops.

Several months of patient phenotype selection and varietal perfection were required to obtain a seedless product with female-only infl orescence and a good terpene bouquet, with CBD levels consistently higher than 6% and a THC content always within legal limits.'

Through continuous innovation and in-depth product studies together with customers, C-LED offers solutions that guarantee the best quantity and quality of light for the entire plant: this is the case with the Cannabis grown by Anubias, where lighting is carefully differentiated according to specifi c plant zones. This allows energy savings and distributes the light in a way that is as homogeneous and high-performance as possible. In short, cutting-edge technology tailored to suit the needs of the grower means that Italy now takes a big step forward in this industry.

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