The new Led drivers from C-LED: powerful and compact, with excellent performance.

  • Two new patent applications for C-LED’s new Led drivers
  • The best combination on the market for performance, compact size and power
  • C-LED aims at competence, with a solution-provider approach and a quality product that is extremely reliable

Cefla C-Led has filed two patent applications for its new Led drivers, which are unique on the market due to the high performance, extreme compactness and power of the products. These drivers, compatible with Stucchi Multisystem series low-voltage tracks, can be configured by the user and are available in four versions: on/off multicurrent, 1-10V, DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

The C-LED drivers in the constant current option can be integrated with a multicurrent function, which offers a programmable output current via dip-switch and can be dimmed in 1-10V analogue mode or digitally, with the DALI communication protocol.

The great innovation, however, are the “Smart Lighting” drivers, featuring up to four constant voltage outputs, with the possibility of integrating RGBW lights with tunable white function, allowing adjustment of colour temperature from warm to cool tones and vice versa. Thus, the circadian rhythm colours of sunlight can be replicated, to enhance personal wellness in living environments. The dim-to-warm function recreates the dimming of conventional incandescent lamps, allowing gradual variations of warm white light.

The “Smart Lighting” drivers are designed with DALI protocols and feature Bluetooth connectivity with MESH network support. All the C-LED drivers incorporate advanced technologies to provide flicker-free operation, ensuing greater visual comfort and eliminating the typical flicker of artificial lights.

“We are truly proud to present our new Led drivers,” comments Alessandro Pasini, Managing Director of C-LED, “which complete a range of solutions with increasingly fewer rivals in the field of lighting technology. Our drivers are unique, due to a combination of performance, compact size and power, which can reach up to 1000mA. This is an important milestone for C-LED, which began a programme several years ago to invest in the most innovative technologies and solutions in the field of lighting and connectivity.”

The C-LED drivers are designed and built to work at low voltage, 24V and 48V, with four power outputs, and also allow installation of the dual protocol: Bluetooth, DALI, 1-10V.

“Our drivers,” continues Pasini, “use Smart Lighting technology, allowing connected light management. In addition, with the functions we have incorporated, we can create any type of light play, modulating all colours (RGBW) and creating the most comfortable and innovative settings so popular with lighting designers, as well as those who enjoy the well-being that the right light provides. People who operate in the world of light, or create and market lamps and light fixtures for any type of location, find a great advantage with C-LED: exceptional foresight, a capacity for innovation, competence and the possibility to choose products distinguished by quality and reliability. With the C-LED drivers,” concludes Pasini, “you don’t need to worry about switching off the power: installation can be done in Hot-Plug mode with the track already electrified”

“Our team of developers, “explains Andrea Guizzardi, C-LED’s project manager for the development of these applications, “has also created an App that manages and controls lighting in a simple and connected way, to always have the best light for your own needs and for the surrounding environment, with just a simple touch. If the customer wants to integrate the latest technological solutions at home, the DALI mode also allows to manage everything in manual mode, via the Push Dim function. With the simple touch of a button, lights can be switched on and off, or dimmed, to increase or decrease their brightness.”

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C-LED is a Cefla company specialising in the design and production of electronic applications and personalised lighting solutions that respond to customer requirements.

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