LED lamps for indoor algae cultivation

C-LED lamps for the cultivation of algae in indoor environments.

C-LED and Fotosintetica & Microbiologica S.r.l (spin-off of the University of Florence) have created a partnership in order to carry out research into the effects of LED lighting to encourage the growth and development of micro-algae inside photo-bioreactors, closed and protected systems that are ideal for the growth of photosynthetic microorganisms.

With the system being researched by C-LED and Photosynthesis & Microbiology, the micro-algae are not cultivated in traditional open-air tanks, which are exposed to the risk of unstable growth and suffer from potentially limited productivity; instead they are exposed to an even light source on the entire surface of the reactor.

The LED technologies conceived and developed by C-LED allow for the perfect electrical efficiency of the lamp together with great flexibility, which means that it can be used in close contact with the microorganisms without suffering phenomena of high temperature stress. LEDs also make it possible to create the most suitable light range for the type of cultivation, in order to guarantee the best results for the production..

Our mission is to create innovation in our field, by investing in research and in partnerships with universities and industry in order to provide unique solutions that are ever more valuable,” explains Alessandro Pasini, Managing Director of C-LED. “Our experimentation involves spirulina and chlorella in particular, in photo-bioreactors full of water: the light for photosynthesis is guaranteed by special Penta Circular lamps with a 360° luminous flux.

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