The latest from C-LED at the HOST fair in Milan

The latest from C-LED at the HOST fair in Milan

Together with Shopfitting and Zenith, C-LED will – in Hall 11, on stand U58 T57 – soon be attending the 40th edition of the international HOST fair, the year’s most important event for the HO.RE.CA (hotel, restaurants, cafeteria and catering) sector, being held from 20 to 24 October in Milan’s trade fair district (Fiera Milano).

C-LED is bringing some of its cutting-edge Smart Lighting technology to HOST. Visitors can, for example, find out more about MyLight, the Dynamic White solution that, thanks to intelligent lighting management, varies the frequency during the day to provide a brighter, bluer light in the morning and a warmer, whiter, more relaxing one in the evening in keeping with the body’s natural circadian rhythm. Then there is LConnect, the LED product range specifically developed for refrigerating counters/displays that incorporates digital temperature-monitoring sensors and can be connected to users’ smartphones via Beacons and proximity marketing technology. At the fair, we will also be showcasing a series of Accent Lights with different colour temperatures and different colour renderings and spectra distributions. These are designed to highlight individual displayed products to maximum effect. In such applications, LEDs – which do not expose the product to any UV rays or heat – can be used to light fresh foods without withering them or altering their qualities.

Moreover, in the shopfitting area, C-LED will be displaying the Grow Unit, a solution designed to create a true ‘in-store market garden’ where fresh greens can be grown thanks to innovative Growing light technology.

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