The Distant Future of C-LED is a green opportunity for Growing

The Distant Future of C-LED is a green opportunity for Growing.

With Cefla, C-LED will participate in the 31st edition of “Connessioni – Futuro remoto, un viaggio tra scienza e fantascienza” (literally “Connections – A Distant Future, a journey between science and science fiction”): created and developed by the IDIS Foundation-City of Science, it is a well-established conference that spreads scientific and technological culture in Italy. This conference dedicated to technology and innovation will be held this week from 25 to 28 May in Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples: C-LED and Cefla will present their Grow Unit project for in-store cultivation at Legacoop and Coopfond’s booth “Cooperation 4.0”.

“A green opportunity” is how it will be explained at the presentation of Friday 26th May. The project was created by integrating Cefla Shopfitting’s Smart Shelving System with C-LED’s special LED lighting to provide the plants with specific wavelengths of light that help them be more productive and enhance their nutraceutical properties. Different mixtures of light obtained thanks to various spectra, intensity, times, uniformity and positioning are capable of favouring plants’ growth cycle, thereby increasing results, overcoming growing seasons, improving products and creating new business opportunities for large-scale retail.

Led grow lamps, the right light for plants