Beacon BLE: Sensors for IoT & Indoor Localisation

C-LED designs and manufactures BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Beacons, small programmable devices that use Bluetooth technology to monitor the presence of smartphones or tablets and, where possible, interact with them.

Beacons are revolutionising: they offer a new mobile communication channel that links our smartphones (and other mobile devices) to the objects around us. This technology can be used to transmit information and a vast range of content (texts, photos, videos, documents, questionnaires and much more).



The sensors – powered at low voltage or by a simple battery if they need to be fully autonomous – are equipped with a 32-bit BLE Bluetooth module and a proprietary firmware.

C-LED firmware guarantees complete compatibility with the main protocols, such as iBeacon (Apple), Eddystone (Google) e altri.

Our Beacons can be equipped with sophisticated sensors. The potential of a beacon – its value – stems from what it can manage and yield in terms of information: C-LED produces beacons equipped with advanced sensors that can measure temperature, humidity, vibration or VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) pressure and are thus suitable for environmental monitoring.

Our versatile beacons have a great advantage: they can be configured by customers to personalise the main parameters

The battery version ensures long-lasting performace

Cutting-edge beacons have high potential and can be customised using sensors to meet a range of needs


C-Beacon have a multi-industry application range. They’re designed to create a personalised experience for interacting users: in retail proximity marketing (from small shops to supermarket chains), in museums where they can replace the classic audio guides, in airports for passenger flow control, at trade fairs and much more besides.


Co-designed with shopfitting experts, C-LED-developed Beacons are incorporated into supermarket shelving systems (thanks to a special, patented track-type power supply system) to give customers personalised shopping experiences.
BLE Beacons are managed by retail outlet Apps that can be tailored to suit marketing requirements on a day to day basis.

  • To help customers navigate inside the store
  • To send personalised coupons and discounts
  • To provide detailed information regarding products


LConnect is an intelligent LED lighting bar patented by C-LED.

  • To monitor the refrigerator parameters (ex. temperature, humidity)
  • To control product use (ex. opening / closing)
  • For Geo-location
  • For Proximity Marketing


  • For inventory mapping
  • For the location and traceability of the good
  • To monitor the flow of vehicles at a construction site


  • In museums and cultural spaces in exchange for classic audio guides
  • In restaurants to advertise the dishes of the day
  • In Sports Arenas to send live statistics


Developed for the Smart LED Lighting sector, BLE technology lets users interact with lighting systems. Smartphones, tablets and other devices can be used to optimise lighting while saving on energy.
The C-LED MyLight system consists of smart lights, Bluetooth modules and dedicated apps to manage Tunable White in any given setting.

C-LED offers:

  • single control system, to be incorporated in your lighting units
  • LED bars with the integrated smart system for lighting control and sensor-type environmental monitoring