LED for Cannabis Cultivation

Maximise the yield and quality of your cannabis cultivation with our specialised LEDs.

Why are our LEDs perfect for cannabis cultivation?

Our LEDs for cannabis cultivation are designed to provide optimal light for strong, rich plant growth, maximising the production of flowers rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. By researching advanced technologies, we have been able to precisely control light intensity and photoperiod duration according to the particular needs of the cannabis varieties and the current growth phases.
LED lighting systems are designed to positively influence cannabis metabolism, promote photosynthesis and enhance the production of bioactive compounds. Characterised by high energy efficiency and low heat release, the lamps enable you to reduce costs and maintain an optimal growing environment for your plants.
Finally, our LED lamps for cannabis cultivation are suitable for a wide range of growing systems, from greenhouses to indoor systems, allowing you to achieve outstanding results regardless of the growing environment.


Cannabinoid maximisation

Specific spectra that can increase THC/CBD production.

Accelerated growth

It reduces the time from seed to harvest.

Environmental control

Creating ideal conditions for indoor cultivation.