What effects can LED light have on plants’ growth?

What effects can LED light have on plants’ growth?
The innovative technologies of C-LED were featured on Channel 5 last Saturday!

The staff of the television programme Striscia la Notizia, along with journalist Cristina Gabetti, visited the greenhouses of the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Bologna, where important Growing research is conducted. In particular, new LED technologies are tested for the soilless cultivation of crops in greenhouses, for example tomatoes. Alessandro Pasini, Innovation Manager of Cefla, accompanied the reporter Cristina Gabetti.

The TV report aired on Saturday 14th October on Italy’s Channel 5 -during the popular television programme directed by Antonio Ricci- illustrated the special LED lights designed and developed by C-LED. The plants grow and produce food year-round thanks also to the micro-climate set specifically for growing them in the best possible manner. Together with university researchers, C-LED is also testing the best combinations of LED lights to use in order to maximize the production yield and nutraceutical values (antioxidant content). The final objective is to associate these LED technologies with the potentiality of zero-mileage food produced within our cities, simultaneously reducing importation with consequent positive effects on the environment.

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