The background.

HEDERA is a project for the creation of innovative indoor vegetable and ornamental gardens, small-scale ‘green corners’ that let you grow vegetables and ornamental plants at home too.

Sustainability is a pivotal part of this project. A new generation of bio-composite materials has been used for the pots and the system works by minimising electricity consumption and eliminating water wastage.

Meticulous design by architects Anna and Gian Franco Gasparini make HEDERA part of the decor, ensuring seamless integration into any setting.

Easy to install

HEDERA is a plug & play system: just connect it to the mains to start nurturing your very own home garden.

Designed by specialised agronomists, irrigation and lighting parameters have been set to maximise plant yield yet can easily be modified if there is a change in needs.

Grow indoors thanks to light.

Indoor plant growth requires proper light. Our research has resulted in just the right ‘dose’ of light, using the cool white part of the spectrum that is so suitable for the indoor cultivation of plants such as vegetables and aromatic herbs.

What’s more, the use of LED lamps ensures outstanding energy efficiency.