In refrigerated display units where ice-creams and other food products are necessarily stored under low temperatures, C-LED provides lighting that renders these products more attractive. C-LED provides high colour rendering solutions to accentuate the colours of any fresh product, including ice-creams, pastries, meats and fish. C-LED also provides solutions that conform to the Ingress Protection code IP65, being waterproof, dustproof and water resistant. C-LED helps the customer choose the right lights for illuminating red or marbled meats, packaged or in bulk, to highlight their freshness through the use of a suitable spectral distribution.

Complementing the wide range of solutions for the refrigerated products section are lamps for vending machines with transparent polycarbonate profiles. We are always ready and willing to develop customised solutions and our products come accompanied by a selection of accessories that facilitate their use for displaying refrigerated products.

Our products for refrigerated display units include:

  • ECO