Italian tomatoes in winter: now you can, with C-LED

Italian tomatoes in winter: now you can, with C-LED

Fino a ieri era impensabile ma oggi è realtà, i pomodori italiani saranno sulle nostre tavole anche in inverno.
This has been made possible by the 25 thousand patented interlight lamps supplied by C-LED to Fri El Greenhouse, one of the most technologically advanced greenhouses in Italy, for a total of 62km of special LED lighting fixtures.

A sophisticated automatic system allows for accurate monitoring of climate parameters and the highly efficient irrigation system saves huge amounts of water. The whole system is powered from a biomass cogeneration plant.
Thanks to a Solution Provider-type approach, C-LED is able to build, commission and operate complete, customised systems . From the design phase to the implementation of all the necessary systems and sensors, from cogeneration to lighting, all the way to management systems.

Significantly, the Ministry of Economic Development has expressed its acknowledgement of this all-new, highly innovative growing solution.
An achievement obtained thanks to the commitment of C-LED to research and development in the field of innovative LED technology for indoor vegetable growing.

For some time now, C-LED’s research work has been performed in partnership with the University of Bologna, which has set up a special lab to test the effects of different light frequencies on plant growth.
This research has led to the development of the Inter-Light lamps which, positioned among the plants, scatter their light evenly on two plant sides, producing remarkable growth results in terms of both size and quantity, as is the case with Italian tomatoes.

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Thanks to C-LED we'll now have Italian tomatoes in winter too