Growing lights for a 2-hectare greenhouse in just 40 days

Growing lights for a 2-hectare greenhouse in just 40 days

31st August, to provide a 2-hectare greenhouse with a cutting-edge “Growing” solution. This was the challenge faced by C-LED, which completed the project in record time.

In a soilless, last-generation greenhouse dedicated to tomato cultivation located near Ferrara, C-LED has installed lamps that provide plants with light that combines three different colour streams, generating a spectrum specially designed for growing purposes. As requested by the customer, the characteristics of the light can be adjusted to suit the period of plant growth. C-LED was chosen on account of its project-focused flexibility and a unique capacity to create lamps that generate just the right intensity and colour for optimal plant growth, regardless of distance or angle.

“Thanks to research by the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Bologna, our patented lamps can be adapted to any kind of cultivation”, explains Massimo D’Angelo, C-LED’s production manager. “This guarantees emission of optimal lighting in terms of quality and quantity, whatever the context. Due to this, our research facilities have successfully demonstrated our ability to supply lamps that integrate perfectly with the plant type being greenhouse-grown. What’s more, our lamps also proved to be well suited to other customer requirements: observance of parameters such as absorbed power and lamp heat, which works in concert with other tools used to set the right ambient temperature for tomato growing”.

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