Cefla presents the short film Innovation

Cefla presents the short film Innovation

The short video, premièred during the Cefla Family event for employees’ families on 9 April 2016, highlights the company spirit in its continuing quest to offer truly innovative solutions and products and take new steps into the global markets. The film can be viewed on our website.

A wonderful and exciting journey through advanced solutions in all areas.

The video opens with the lead character walking through the streets of a city centre, surrounded by examples of Italian cultural and historical heritage. During her walk, seemingly a part of her everyday routine, she comes across a series of innovations, at times visible, at others invisible. These are innovations that we develop and introduce, and that contribute to improving the quality of life in widely diverse areas. The video aims to illustrate a possible, better world, the way we ourselves see it, where technology is friendly, simple, greatly helpful and, why not, even exciting.


From Proximity Marketing to Building Automation in supermarkets, dental clinics and furnished kitchens

We see the girl walking into a bookstore and receiving suggestions and discount offers through her smartphone which guides her to the book that matches her taste, all thanks to our proximity marketing technology. The bookstore exit door becomes a gateway to a new dimension, the Medical world, where our radiodiagnostic systems perform high-precision tests and return instant results. Immediately after you are submerged in a new experience with a new way of thinking about lighting, thanks to latest-generation LED systems found in modern supermarkets furnished by Cefla Shopfitting. Behind this innovative solutions stands also the new company founded in early April, C-LED, a Cefla Group company dedicated to the development of LED lighting technologies. From the world of lighting you enter a classy home, finely furnished with perfect surfaces that are customised, all made possible thanks to digital printing technology developed by Cefla Finishing. Finally we find our guide meeting colleagues inside a fully automated building, managed by advanced Building Automation systems built by Cefla Plant Solutions, the historic heart of the Group.

Everyone’s participation as demonstration of our strength in working together

Our guide concludes her journey in the midst of hundreds of people gathered on a lawn illuminated by the slanting rays of the setting sun. And we now discover that she, who has benefited earlier from innovations in her everyday life, is herself a member of the Cefla team, in other words being in both the giving and the receiving ends of the illustrated innovations. In the emotional finale the sail, or rather the large red stroke that marks the Cefla logo, comes to life on the lawn. It is created by company employees who declare in chorus “We Are Cefla”, a phrase that perfectly captures the feeling of this closing moment: a proud team charged with a sense of belonging to a great historical Italian company which sees innovation as its lifeblood.

22 April 2016

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