Casa Matilda

Casa Matilda

Casa Matilda is a restaurant located in Milan’s Navigli district. Its mission is to give customers “not just the simple tastes of Italian tradition but a true sensory experience that can only come from first-class ingredients”.

It’s hard, then, to imagine a more fitting place for the installation of Cefla’s microgreens Grow Unit, a project embraced by the restaurant’s owner Filippo Tota as part of a partnership with NX Food and Metro to enrich the Casa Matilda menu with innovative content.

Thanks to the LED lighting system by C-LED – incorporated into the Grow Unit – Milan joins the list of places where it’s possible to taste microgreens, foods with ultra-high nutraceutical value (with up to 40 times the vitamin content of traditional vegetables) and distinct organoleptic properties that intensify the taste of the new dishes created by Casa Matilda’s chef.

Thanks to LED light that is accurately dosed, in terms of both intensity and spectra, and a fully automated irrigation system, the Grow Unit lets users grow microgreens directly on site, making fresh natural products part of the daily food experience.

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